Russell Westbrook Feels Like He “Made It” After Kendrick Lamar Mentioned Him In A Song

If you haven’t heard the Kendrick song yet somehow, here it is:

What a great opportunity this is for me to lay out my hip hop agenda!

Making it into a rap song in fact does not mean that you “made it”. For the past x amount of months, I’ve been wondering why Kyle in iSpy rapped “every time I shoot I’m like Derozan, it goes in”, or something along those lines. Derozan’s a steady 25% three point shooter and 46% from the field. Just wish he would’ve gone a different route on that one, because it really discredited the whole rap game basketball reference for me. Without that line stuck in my head, I’d suffice that getting mentioned by Kendrick’s a big step forward. But to the whole rap game, consider yourself put on notice that you need to be more selective with your hoop references.


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