I’ve Got Questions About Tyler Ulis’ Fridge

Stop at the 0:20 mark and take a look in that refrigerator:

ulis cribs.png

That’s a top 5 saddest fridge I’ve ever seen. Granted, my fridge often looks like that. Hell, most 20 or 21 year olds have a fridge that looks just like that. Just half used condiments with nothing to put them on. But T Ulis followed up the fridge opening by saying “I love to cook breakfast”. Guy’s got probably 4 expired eggs and a half thing of squeeze jelly in there, talking about “I love cooking breakfast”. You don’t cook breakfast man. That’s fine. Look if I were an NBA player, I’m sure as hell not going to be cooking breakfast for myself. I’m getting a chef, or room service, or delivery, whatever. But there’s noooo way I’m cooking for myself. Let’s just not lie about it though, we’re better than that.

And second, how do you not stage the fridge better? I’ve watched enough episodes of Cribs to know that you should be throwing some kale and fruits in there just for appearance sake. But grape jelly and probably expired eggs? Rookie move.


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