Do Sean Miller And Arizona Have A Lisle, Illinois Problem? Let’s Investigate

3 out of the last 4 years, the team that’s knocked Sean Miller and Arizona out of the NCAA tournament have had a center from Lisle, Illinois (Sean O’Mara last night with Xavier, and Frank Kaminsky in 2014 and 2015). Which I mean, all of us from the Chicagoland area have. Because there’s something in that water at Benet Academy that churns out 7 foot white guys unlike anywhere else. Fine, you’re good at sports, but that’s because you’ve got 150 people on your football team and seven 7 footers on your basketball teams and…One day, I’m getting to the bottom of it. But I digress.

Really, the problem extends even further, to a North suburb of Chicago issue for Sean Miller. Because that one year they didn’t get beaten by a white guy from Lisle, they got beat by a guy from Rockford (a super questionable “chicago suburb” but for the sake of MY article on MY blog, it’s counting as a north suburb just let me have this one moment of serendipity (super questionable use of “serendipity” but for the sake of MY…)), Illinois in Fred Van Fleet and Wichita State. From that, I can suffice that yes, indeed, Sean Miller has a Lisle, Illinois problem. And maybe, a North suburb of Chicago problem. How does one fix a North suburb of Chicago problem? Well, I’d assume some sort of cream, along with playing a little bit dirtier. Gotta start with the kidney shots in the back every time that ball comes in the post. Along with, well I can’t give away all the secrets. Give me a call, Sean, I’ll help you fix this all so it doesn’t happen again next year.

Investigation closed. 


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