Fortune Ranks Theo Epstein Above The Pope In Their List Of Top World Leaders (We’re All Going To Hell)

You can talk about the demise of the family structure, the oversexualization of everything in the media, or maybe drug use, as reasons why we’re all going to Hell. All that might be true, but at the very least this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I know Fortune’s just going for the clicks (Rovell screwed em by tweeting out the screenshot soooo sucks to suck), but the issue’s that people actually believe this. Pope Francis out here performing miracles and leading a group of what, like a billion people? Theo’s worrying about 25 at the big league level, maybe another 120 in the minors? The Pope’s boss is God, and God hasn’t fired him yet, so he must be doing something right. Plus, you ever think of how much terrible small talk guy has to make in like a dozen languages? Talk about leading by example, I barely want to make small talk in English rather in English, followed by Spanish, followed by Portuguese followed by… you understand. I’ll say an extra prayer for all of us at Church this weekend.


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