Derrick Walton Jr. Wanted To Forfeit Michigan’s Big Ten Tourney Opener

Via Land of 10:

That’s what CBS’ broadcast team reported Sunday during Michigan’s Big Ten Tournament title game win against Wisconsin. After a scary plane crash on Wednesday, the Wolverines voted whether to fly to Washington on Thursday (only hours before the Illinois game) or forfeit their tourney opener.

Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Grant Hill called the game for CBS.

According to the broadcast team, Walton, who needed stitches and hurt his knee during the plane accident, understandably voted in favor of forfeiting. But a majority of the team voted to play — so the Wolverines did fly in before Thursday’s game. Hours later, the improbable tournament run began.

How about Jim Beilein telling the boys tough stuff if they didn’t want to fly again after crashing the plane? Acting like it’s Lost and that they’ve GOT to get on the plane, it’s destiny.

If you think for one second I’m flying on a plane ever again after getting in a plane crash, you’re bonkers. Don’t bring the “well the chances of being in 2 plane crashes are nearly impossible” at me. I’d go Jerome Bettis on them and just ride the bus everywhere (could you believe that clip from The Office is nowhere to be found on the Internet??). Honestly didn’t know the Michigan plane crash was bad enough that people were getting stitches. The story’s been that “that plane crash has motivated Michigan”. Doubtful to me. Yes, it brings a team together when you go through something like that. But like Derrick Walton, one of their best players, isn’t trying to think about that day at all, probably ever again. Walton’s actual inspiration? Kemba Walker, who took a eerily similar path to a national title in 2011. Michigan by a million tonight.


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