Lavar Ball Vs. Lebron Is A Rivalry I Need


I’ve been worried about the post-Lebon era of the NBA. Because it’s on the horizon, and I don’t know what the league’s going to be like. They say rivalries nowadays aren’t what they used to be, but I’d argue that the entire world vs. Lebron James has been the greatest rivalry in sports history over the past 8 years.

As much as Lavar Ball has tried to get that sort of rivalry against his family, nobody really cared. He was just screaming at clouds. But once Lebron takes notice, that means it’s going down. Lebron vs. the Ball family’s everything I ever need. Lebron teabagging Lonzo Ball with a dunk next year. Then Liangelo the year after that. And then Lebron James Jr. breaking Lamelo’s ankles in 10 years. Give me something to look forward in a decade. The Balls don’t have a chance at winning it in the long run. Because Lebron knows lots of people in high places (aka rich people), and thus will control the narrative. Either way, Let’s. Get. Ready. To. Rumble.


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