“NBA Players Should Never Rest” Is Such A Lame Argument

Karl Malone sparked a new fire in an argument that Wilbon and Jalen Rose have been yelling at the clouds about for a few week. Talking about Wilbon, let’s check in on what he had to say:

Wait, actually let’s look at the replies to Wilbon’s tweet:

If you have over 100,000 followers on Twitter, you oughta just tweet like Magic Johnson. No opinions, just facts. Because God bless every soul on that site, they’re ungodly quick with facts about people. Good luck tweeting anything about Tony Stewart without getting “he killed a guy” sent to you 1224584 times.

As for the “rest” discussion, it’s so lame. Literally nobody cares except for journalists that feel like they’re “wasting their time” (to quote Stephen A) by going to games where everyone’s not playing. When Lebron’s being inducted into the hall of fame, nobody will talk about how he sat out a game on a random Saturday in March in 2017. Lebron’s still playing 70 games a season. This isn’t the NFL, where the owners are in charge. Or the NBA in the 90s, where the coaches are in charge. The NBA’s a players league, with money bigger than any other league. But you want Lebron to risk an injury, and thus $30 million per season and over $100 million in sponsorships, to play the freaking Clippers.


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