Protestors Fly Confederate Flag In Front Of Round Of 32 Games In South Carolina To Protest…..?

A little back story on this that I didn’t know so maybe some of you didn’t know: the NCAA didn’t play games in South Carolina from 2002-2015 because of the state’s flying of the Confederate flag at state buildings, a practice that wasn’t changed until after the Charleston Church Massacre. First, and I know I’m two years late with this take, but we’ve got to stop just changing things after bad things happen. Saying “because 9 African-Americans were murdered by a racist, we’ll take down the Confederate flag” is wackadoo. The flag should’ve came down because it’s the freaking Confederate Flag.

And thus, now that you know my point of view on this, you’re either about to agree with me a lot more or are going to send me hate mail for the next month. It’s 2017, if you’re still flying the Confederate flag and don’t think that alone makes you a racist, you’re a professional dumb person. Just admit you don’t like people that look like you, stop lying to yourself. Protesters that think the Confederate Flag has “historical significance” are right, it’s just that that historical significance involves slavery, lynchings, segregation, torture, and every heinous crime against humanity you could think of. It’s like flying the Nazi flag and saying “well Hitler was a great architect and inventor too”. It’s just wackadoo, to use my new favorite word. So I can’t imagine what these guys are protesting, or how they even think they have the right to protest anything, but just stop. Down right silly. Go be angry about something else.


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