Marlins Tempting Karma, Letting Guys Smash Cinder Blocks On Their Manager’s Chest

So you just had one of the most heartbreaking tragedies in MLB history, what are you going to do next?!

You can’t have this. Can’t. I know there’s a scheme going on, and that’s not likely a cinder block. Gotta try harder to get one over on old Paul Lamb. But at the same time, you shouldn’t be swinging hammers toward the face of your manager after you already lost a member of your team. I mean, not even talking about the fact that it’s lame as hell, but tempting fate like that is never never never worth it. By the way, the guys doing it apparently make a living going around to MLB and just smashing shit. Heck of a scheme, always love to see guys snaking money from rich corporations with nonsense inspiration tactics:

What an amazing week with the Nationals, Astros and Marlins at Spring training in Florida.

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