We’re Recruiting Dads Instead Of Players In College Basketball Now, Eh?

That’s going to be our thing this decade, huh? LSU did it with Ben Simmons uncle. Michigan does it with just about every big football recruit (legit must have 75 assistant coaches that are also fathers). And now Mizzou’s set to do it with Michael Porter and his father. It’s a cheap way around the rules on paying the families of players. Can promise Michael Porter Sr. will be the highest paid assistant on that staff, and won’t be doing the heaviest load of the work. I don’t blame the Porters for taking advantage of the process, I love seeing people get their money. But it’s just another reason for the NCAA to make some sort of pay for players legal. Because it’s happening all over the place, it’s just not a guy in a backroom with a briefcase full of money. Like when colleges act oblivious to students drinking. Just accept that it’s happening, and then work on a way to contain it. It should be an obvious rule in the NCAA that teams can’t hire fathers as an assistant the same year their son would be starting school there as a freshman. That’s just obvious. Let’s get back to recruiting the player, not the father.



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