I don’t like to be mean, but you’re a big dumb idiot if you’re not in our bracket challenge already. Like, a downright dumb person. People have been asking me left and right “Paul are you going to have a prize this year like last year”, and I flat out said I need to check the books. And the books didn’t check out. Our lawyers have said we can’t actually do a prize for a contest like this. Our sponsors have gone out of business. But, you know what

we do what we want

That’s right, $15 Visa gift to the winner. It’s crazy. It’s bananas. Free money. Might as well just register as a charity. BUT BUT BUT. There’s a condition, and more of a challenge to our faithful. We’re only giving away a prize if we hit 50 people in the group. So recruit your parents, your friends, everyone. Because it’s in your best interest to get as many people in the group as possible. Best of luck to you all, start spreading the word. Remember, gotta be at least 50. And you’ve only got 20 more hours. Get going!

Sidenote: I messed up and made another group this year. That one has been made private so that no one accidentally joins it. Join the group from last year, which this whole sidenote is linked to. Good luck!


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