Top 5 Foul Ball Effort All Time In Yesterday’s Venezuela-Italy game

All-time effort. Maybe I’m an idiot, but was he running on top of the chairs? Not the concrete stairs in beneath them, but the top of the plastic chairs? Simply incredible. Tweet’s correct, that’s Jesus-esque. Risking a serious ankle injury (and then ankle surgery in God knows what country, which is a serious curveball) to get a foul ball from a meaningless game? That’s God’s work.

Big shoutout to this guy that took the video, because only the die hards are watching the WBC, one of those things like the X Games where it just sort of starts happening and you don’t know ahead of time. As far as I understand it, it’s not in one specific place. Like, you can play in the Netherlands one night, then Japan a couple days later, and Venezuela a few days later. All of that’s probably wrong. It’s fine, I tried.



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