NBA Drug Tested Kawhi Leonard After Last Night To Act Like They Have A PED Policy

You’ve got to save face here if you’re the NBA (I don’t know if that’s the right phrase for this situation, not actually sure when to use it to be honest). Because there’s no PED policy in the NBA. The game’s gone from set shots from 18 feet to 90% of guys being able to kiss the rim, while also playing 35+ minutes per night in the span of a decade. MJ dunked from a step and a half inside the free throw line and that was the greatest thing ever. Giannis does that in game in traffic nowadays. Game changed pretty quickly for it to be a “natural” change. Joel Embiid, Kobe, and everyone else aren’t going to Germany and Qatar because the doctors are better. They’re getting some sort of dragon venom shot up in them, and I’m perfectly fine with that. It’s pretty much a consensus that the MLB was more fun to watch when everyone was on steroids, right? And the NBA knows that, because they’re the only sport that RARELY has anybody get in trouble for steroids or other PEDs. Lebron went from a Peter Parker body type to Wolverine in 5 seasons, that doesn’t just happen from eating high protein foods. Westbrook tore his meniscus and then came back with like a 10 inch higher vert. Let’s keep testing people to act like we care, but please please please don’t start cracking down on whatever they’re doing.


One thought on “NBA Drug Tested Kawhi Leonard After Last Night To Act Like They Have A PED Policy

  1. This is fuckery Lebrun has always been big and is on an extreme diet. He treats his body like a temple. I’m a normal highschooler and gained 25 pounds in 2 months for weight lifting and etc. my bench went up 55 lbs. and squat 100


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