Fine, These Players Proposing To Their Girlfriends On Senior Night Are Awesome

Like 99% of the public, I’m usually against proposals like this. At stadiums at all. Cheesy? Yes. Risky? Yes. Putting too much pressure on the woman? Yes. You only pull this move if you’re afraid she won’t say yes, because even the meanest people will say yes so that both of you don’t get embarrassed in front of people.

But I’ll reluctantly say that when college athletes do it, it’s awesome. What’s best is when you get the whole team behind you gassing you up and going crazy over it. If and when I one day propose to a nice young lady (or tortoise, it’s 2017 let’s be open), I need a hype crew there to make the moment better. 8 or 9 dudes losing their minds in the background to make me feel important. Don’t even need to know them. Just pay $10 a head and tell them to cheer and scream when she says yes.

Only one issue with these though, and it came in the Indiana video. The fake surprise from the girl angered me. Like you didn’t know what was going on? He’s just going to bring you out there to say thanks? Especially after he dedicates his whole senior day speech to you? Quit the facetiousness.


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