This HOT Take On AP Is The Hottest The Internet’s Ever Seen

How do you sit down and write that? Dude was just waiting for Black History Month to end to get his most racist and absurd take out there.

Proclaiming it the hottest take in the history of the Internet isn’t that insane. Blaming Adrian Peterson’s parenting method on the fact his ancestors may have been slaves isn’t something your average internet takemaster says. You have to cultivate a take like that through years. You can’t listen to any outside sources of information or common sense. We all merely adopted the take business. Pete Dougherty was born in it.

How does that even make it through the editor? They didn’t see this push back coming? Admittedly, Crossover Report lets some misspellings and probably bad takes through. But we’re not an actual company? You let something like this through, just shut your site down. It’s over, no bouncing back. Keeping the article up at all, but just saying “yeah that was pretty crazy what he said, but here’s what else he had to say!” might even be crazier. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the Internet’s too big and too many people get to share their opinion on it.


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