If You Were Guaranteed 15 MPG, And 82 Games, Could You Average 2 Points In The NBA?

Love the question posed by Johan here.

Shouldn’t surprise you to find out that yes, I indeed believe I could score 2 points per game in the NBA if I’m guaranteed 15 mpg in 82 games. But there’s another stipulation you have to add: guys have to pass me the ball at least 5 times each game. I don’t need anyone knowing that I’m aiming strictly for two points per game, because that ruins the fun. Somehow, make them pass me the ball. Think about it though, we’re talking averages. Obviously, I’m only going to be shooting threes. Since I know that it’s 82 games guaranteed, there’s nothing to stop me from pulling up and shooting every time I get the ball. Hit two of those puppies in a game, and I’ve set a positive trajectory for the rest of the season. Add in a few free throws off of pump faking and flopping, and I’m already at 8 points per game. Damn near just cherry pick the whole game Lamelo Ball-style. Easiest money in history.

Pretty sure Tony Snell’s already trying to do this. Every couple weeks you get a 28 minutes, 0 points/boards/assists out of old Tony. Please please please hit us up on Twitter with whether or not you think you could do this, thanks thanks thanks.


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