NC Law That Would Allow Parents To Put Concussed Kids Back Into Games Is V Stupid

Via Vocativ:

North Carolina lawmakers hope to allow parents to choose when their concussed kids can return to the field, instead of requiring approval from a qualified medical professional. Seriously. Right now, North Carolina law requires immediate removal of any student displaying concussion symptoms during a game. House Bill 116, should it pass, will give parents the power to decide when their concussed child can resume playing. It is perhaps worth noting that most parents are not qualified medical professionals.

Oh, most parents aren’t qualified medical professionals? You don’t say.

What is it about North Carolina that they only spend their time on stupid stupid stupid laws. Not just laws that people disagree with, but laws that nobody should be spending taxpayer money writing and fighting to enact. Like there’s absolutely no basis for this. All it does it hurt athletes and kids. There’s no upside. It’s not “tearing down regulations” or “returning freedom to the people” like conservatives usually say when they’re enacting a dumb law. It’s a complete lack of understanding of the human body and how it functions.

Granted, the Bill’s very close to being a good thing. There are provisions on heat stroke and a proposal to track catastrophic injuries state wide. Good things. But they float in that one line saying that an AT, doctor, OR PARENT can sign off on an athlete not being concussed, and being able to play. Concussions are not as simple as people, even our President, have tried to make them seem. At some point, the “tough it out” culture has got to die when it comes to concussions, or we’re going to keep seeing people die.

Per usual, Twitter didn’t disappoint with their response:


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