Louisville Student Gets Screwed Out Of $38,000 Half Time Prize Because He Hooped In High School


Via Louisville Courier Jorunal:

Due to a technicality, the student who made a half-court shot at a recent Louisville women’s basketball game won’t actually walk away with the prize money. Jackson Logsdon, 20, participated in a halftime contest during the U of L women’s basketball game Thursday at the KFC Yum! Center. He took and made a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and a half-court shot, which should have netted him $38,000. But Logsdon said he found out later that night that he wouldn’t get the money because he had played basketball in high school, which violated a clause stating contest participants could not have played high school basketball within the last six years.

Shades of Semi-Pro when Jackie had to start blocking shots because he couldn’t afford the corn dogs. No way did the Louisville women’s program think in a million years that somebody could step out there and do all of these. One of those promotions that’s meant to be a promotion, not a prize show. Full transparency, I didn’t watch any of the video, but I’m assuming part of it was that he couldn’t miss any of these shots. Which is hard for anyone to do, even someone who played high school hoops. No matter the scenario, the team would’ve had to find a reason to not pay the winner, because there’s no way the Louisville women’s program just has $38,000 laying around to give out to some kid at a halftime show. Most teams are doing like $50 Amazon gift cards and a water bottle, somebody in the marketing department’s got to be fired.

Props to the guy though, who said that “although the money would’ve been nice to pay off his student loans”, he’s got no beef with Louisville:


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