I Can’t Explain This New College Football Twitter Trend, But It’s Laugh Out Loud Funny

r/MemeEconomy would tell you to BUY BUY BUY now, this is it.

By the way, when did a meme become something more than just a picture? Now it’s just any viral thing that we can use in different scenarios. I’m not peeved by it, just interested in the history.

Nonetheless, these videos have failed to make me laugh out loud. The Internet’s so big nowadays that it’s hard for me to actually laugh at something that I see. Not chuckle or throw a smile, but legitimately laugh loudly. When that big dude in the Rutgers video starts moving through space, I lost it. Had to shut down the computer and take a lap around the apartment. The new running man challenge that’ll get us through the football offseason. Lastly, my first thought was that this is the song from the episode of Sunny where they go dancing and end up in the video wearing diapers on public access. Anybody that can confirm that would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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