RIP @BleacherReport, Killed By Mark Cuban on 2/25/17

mark cuban bleacher report.pngmark cuban bleacherreport 1.jpg



First off, anybody who uses the phrase “reaching with millennials” deserves to be exiled. Just proves how hard Bleacher Report’s trying to act like they’re a normal Twitter account, but in reality it’s like 40 guys in their 30s trying to find out “what’s cool with the kids”, and then ending up just tweeting the side eye emoji for a dunk. “Being bold” would also require being creative, and that’s not really Bleacher Report’s thing.

The best part about this is how quickly the Bleacher Report guys run into a corner. That David Levy fellar is the PRESIDENT OF TURNER (who owns Bleacher Report), and his first comment to somebody coming at him is “hey it was great seeing you in NOLA” and “you have the best tv show ever I watch it every night dude you’re so cool and awesome please like me that’s the only reason I have this job is to brown nose famous people”. Dude have a backbone. Talk about being bold? If Bleacher Report were a real media organization, they’d be the ones screen shotting the emails and posting them, and then also not deleting a stupid, harmless tweet (because obviously Mark Cuban’s overreacting). Like can you imagine the owner of a team trying to go at Deadspin, Barstool, SB Nation, or whoever over a tweet mentioning one of their players? They’d murder the owner online, probably constantly for the next decade. This might be the nail in the coffin for Bleacher Report, unless Ted Turner dumps another $100 million into their bank account to hire another 150 social media folks to come up with each tweet.



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