Wait, The Shaq-Javale Beef Is An Actual Real Life Thing?

I can’t hear Javale Mcgee’s name without thinking of Shaq yelling “Javaaaaaallle McGeeeeeee”. And without Javale, Shaqtin a Fool’s not what it is now.

As much as it pains me though, I’ve got to take Javale’s side here. It’s unfair for former players to think they’re invincible. That they can shit on guys constantly, but then players aren’t allowed to respond. It’s the same with the Barkley and Lebron beef. Charles Barkley saying Lebron doesn’t play hard? Pot calling the kettle black. And Shaq trying to make a mockery of Javale’s whole career? Funny, yes, but dude should be able to respond. It sucks that this couldn’t just be a fun thing that they mess with each other about, but it’s been long enough that Javale must’ve done something serious to Shaq along the way. Peed in his bushes. Didn’t buy insurance from The General.

There’s hope though, because you can be a joke and turn it into a respectable NBA career after you win a championship. Getting “Mozgov’d” was a thing for awhile. Then he won a chip and got a butt ton of cash. Also, in typical Warriors fashion, they’re playing the constant victim card:


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