In What World Do The Trailblazers Trade Damian Lillard?

Wha wha wha wha what

What am I missing? Is Damian Lillard not hitting his prime right now, averaging 26, 6, and 5? Isn’t he a top 3 or 4 scoring point guard in the league? Isn’t he basically the Trailblazers? Without him, CJ McCollum isn’t what he is. Without him, Portland’s not much.

There’s lots of trade rumors, and I get they’re not all true. Sometimes guys are using the assistant to the assistant to someone in the organization as a quote, and even then making speculation off of a small comment. But this is in more than one spot. Hey, Portland, you’ve had historical bad luck. Sam Bowie. Greg Oden. Brandon Roy. Please, for the sake of your own health, just don’t. You finally have a draft pick that didn’t break their body.

Plus he had the best buzzer beater in the NBA in the last like decade:


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