Deja Vu, Butler Knocks Down Number 2

The Dawgs had their toughest challenge of the season last night when they traveled to Philly to take on the second best team in the nation, the Villanova Wildcats. The Dawgs won the first game against the Cats in Hinkle, 66-58 led by Andrew Chrabascz and Kethan Savage (both had 13 points).  The Dawgs shocked the nation during that cold January night.  The 74-66 win on Wednesday had a similar effect on the nation.

Last night was a really hard fought game for the Butler Bulldogs, who were currently ranked 22nd in the nation and were a 10 point underdog going into the game.  The Dawgs shot 50% from the field and 4o% from the three point line, Avery Woodson knocked down 3 more three pointers (fire emoji).  The Bulldogs held Nova to 25% from behind the arc. Kelan Martin (22 points) and Kamar Baldwin (15 points) both shot 7-11 from the field.   The Dawgs also tallied 21 assists, Andrew Chrabascz had 8 of the 21.  The turning point of the game was when the Dawgs went on a 15-0 late in the second half to secure a solid lead going into the final minutes of the game.

The Dawgs outran the Wildcats down the stretch both physically and from the free throw line.  Nova missed three key free throws in the final few minutes from some of their best free throw shooters.  They were out hustled by Butler because they have no depth whatsoever; Jay Wright likes to play with only 7 players, the Dawgs can go as deep as 10 players. Sometimes hustle beats talent, that’s what happened last night in Philly. The Dawgs just added another key win to their resume; look out for them in March.



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