Anyone Angry About Baseball Getting Rid Of The Intentional Walk Probably Needs A Life


As part of its initiative to improve the pace of game play, Major League Baseball has approved a change to the intentional walk rule, going from the traditional four-pitch walk to a dugout signal, it was announced Wednesday.

NFL offseason’s hit everybody hard. Because this isn’t a storyline at all. Intentional walks are stupid, and a waste of time. Sure, maybe it’s 45 seconds a game, but you’ve got to start somewhere. Like when we’re trying to cut down on the national debt in this country. Is eliminating stuff like the $5,000 for a documentary film about the best fiddler in Madison County, North Carolina going to get us all the way out of the red? Nope, but it’s a starting point, and one of those things that need to get cut eventually.

Are people in about a year going to actually care that we do a signal instead of 4 monotonous pitches? Of course not. That one in every 10,000 intentional walk wild pitches doesn’t make it worth keeping. Just a great excuse for people to be mad online. No league has changed with the times less than the MLB. Yes, the nostalgia of baseball’s undeniable, and indescribable. But that doesn’t put enough asses in the seats or in front of the TV.


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