Did TNT Really Try To Steal The Spotlight From Craig Sager’s Son To Give To Steph Curry?

Skip to 3:30 to see Steph miss 9 half court shots

Flabbergasted. Baffled. Shocked.

Just when you think the NBA couldn’t go any further with the Steph love, this happened. So they’re trying to get half a mil for the Craig Sager foundation, which obviously is an incredible thing and all around was a movie moment. Ernie Johnson fighting back tears the whole time was moving as all hell.

Then they bring out Steph and say “if you hit a half court shot, we’ll round the number up to half a million dollars”. Was I angry at that point? Yes, of course. Because I knew he’d make the shot and then they’d credit him with curing cancer. That was as far as I thought the NBA would go with the love. Curing cancer. It can’t get any bigger than that.

Steph misses all of them, then they BRING OUT CRAIG SAGER’S KID TO GET THEM TO HALF A MIL. Truly, an amazing moment. But why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why did they try to put the spotlight on Steph freaking Curry before the son of Craig Sager. In what backwards world does that make sense. So if Steph makes a shot, the kid doesn’t get to get lifted by Shaq to dunk and get the credit for donating 100s of thousands of dollars to the foundation named after your Dad? Wrong. 100% wrong. Not even sure I can blame Steph at this point, I think he’s a genuinely good enough person that he’d rather have Craig Sager’s freaking son get the credit for the money than himself.  It’s the NBA and Turner Sports and Bleacher Report and all the usual enemies that are trying to push this Steph narrative. Gross.


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