BREAKING: Demarcus Cousins Finally Traded, To Join Anthony Davis In New Orleans

The past 2 years, I’ve stopped listening to the Demarcus Cousins trade rumors. Because they were every single day and none of them meant anything.

But wow, trade of the year. Immediate reaction was that this is a ripoff, such a lopsided deal. Details then started to come out, and once Tyreke got thrown in on the deal, things evened out. This had to be the tipping point for Sacramento. Either you commit to Boogie after this trade deadline, to the tune of $200 million, or you take what you can get and move on. Obviously, they picked the latter.

Haven’t they known for awhile now that he’s not the right fit in Sacramento? I’d guess his trade value dropped by half by the Kings waiting this long. You look last year, they could’ve gotten the Celtics 3rd pick and maybe this year’s pick from them too, and players. A lot more than Hield, a first and second, and Tyreke Evans, who must be the most miserable man on Earth now that he has to return to Sacramento.

PS: you ever wonder what shady shit Woj must be doing to get these scoops first? Like I’m not saying he’s done some unspeakable things, I’m just saying that dude’s done some things he immediately regrets

Update from Marc Stein:


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