Macedonian Twitter Bots Couldn’t Even Get Kawhi Leonard Voted In As A Starter

Fascinating article from ESPN diving into the analytics of the All-Star voting, done through social media. Big headline out of it was half of CP3’s votes coming from 14 year old Bieber fans retweeting these Bieber tweets:

Wild that they’re buddy buddy. But that’s not my favorite story line. Apparently, some Spurs fans in Macedonia made a bunch of Twitter bots that automatically voted for Kawhi Leonard a few hundred thousands times. Even though they were thrown out, I love what’s going on in Macedonia. You’ll recall during campaign season, there were some Macedonian teenagers making baaaaaaank off of websites that pushed fake stories that were pretty pro-Trump, anti-Hillary. They said the economy’s very week in Macedonia (which you could tell me is on any continent and I’d believe you), an so they were just trying to make that cheddar. Which begs the question: did the Spurs mobilize the teenage Macedonian workforce to get Kawhi Leonard selected to the All Star Game? Yes. Unequivocally, yes. I need a documentary on all the shady things going down in Macedonia, because I know there’s plenty more where this came from.

P.S. More shady Macedonia stuff happened right as I wrote this article:


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