Fun Fact Friday: Kyrie Irving Thinks The Earth Is Flat

Get to around the 15 minute mark to hear Kyrie say with 100% confidence that the Earth’s flat.

We’ve all been down the conspiracy road before on YouTube. I can only imagine that in Cleveland, where there’s not a lot going on, Kyrie’s spending a lot of time deep deep deep into some scary corners of the Internet. Most of the things we consider conspiracies aren’t even “conspiracies”. JFK was killed by the government. Aliens exist. We faked the first moon landing. Some sort of shady stuff went on both before and after 911. Dinosaurs either never existed at all, or they still exist. Either way they haven’t gone extinct. All facts.

But the Earth’s not flat. That’s just fact. And it’s not the year 1549 where we need math or science to back that up. It’s not Galileo or whoever trying to convince everybody that the Earth’s actually round. We sent folks up there. There’s live streams from space where you can see the Earth spin. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s just round. We’ve got pictures and videos, a bunch of them. Somebody throw a rope down whatever rabbit hole Kyrie’s gone down, he’s gone too far.


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