Donald Trump Won’t Be Doing An NCAA Bracket, Where Are The Protesters?

We protest everything as a nation. Which I love (with exceptions). Civil disobedience is possibly the greatest of all American traditions.

But where in the world are the protesters on this one? Why haven’t I heard about the Selection Sunday protest at Trump Tower?

I get that the bracket was sort of an Obama thing. And to be honest, my mans was chalk through and through. Pretty sure he picked the #1 seed for 8 straight years. Which is fine, but believe in something Barry. Since it’s an Obama thing, Donnie doesn’t want to do it, and he also wants to try and keep up that image that all he does is work work work work, and has no time to play games since our country’s a “disaster”.

Can you imagine how great it would be though? He’d literally pick someone to win the championship, then claim “failing” ESPN’s reporting “fake news” when they say the team he picked to win is upset in the first round. And love him or hate him, the guy knows how to put on a television program. Would be the most electric 4 minutes of SportsCenter all season.

Trump also probably isn’t a basketball guy. Unlike this country’s white whale, the hero we deserve, the silver mamba:


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