We Have To Talk About This Lebron Pass From Last Night


Andrew Wiggins is dead. Done. Two things you can’t bounce back from in a basketball game: the ball getting thrown off your head, and someone putting it between your legs. Getting dunked on or getting blocked are fine. Happens to the best of us. But we don’t all get five-holed. Been fun while it lasted A Wig.

Let me be the Devil’s Advocate for a second. Luck was on Lebron’s side. That was a bad decision to make that pass, and I honestly don’t understand how Wiggins didn’t steal that pass. Reminds me of this AI pass that people claim as one of the best passes ever. Just absolute, 100% luck. Not that it’s not great, but let’s not get on our knees over it.

Like tell me what Grant Hill’s doing. Turrible.



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