Vladimir Putin still has one of Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Rings

Via Sports Illustrated:

On a business trip to Russia in 2005, Kraft and a friend visited Russia and met with Putin after winning Super Bowl XXXIX, where the Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24–21 at EverBank Field. Kraft showed off the ring and handed it to Putin, who tried it on and then never gave it back. The ring features 124 diamonds.

“[The Super Bowl rings] are all in a drawer except for my third one,” Kraft recently recounted for NFL Media. “The original is in Russia with the president of the country. I happened to be there on a business mission with my friend Sandy Weill. We had just given out our rings. I showed Sandy my ring, and he said, ‘Why don’t you show it to the president?’ And I showed it to him and he put it on, and he sort of just enjoyed it, so he kept it on.”

For years I always thought I was a big fan of Bob Kraft for becoming a billionaire off a mac and cheese empire. Sadly when you do research you see things you might not have wanted to, turns out he has nothing to do with the Kraft product. Nonetheless he still plays a part in bringing Tom Brady to my fantasy team year after year, so I still maintain some respect.

Now the Putin situation Seems like it was really akward, where Kraft didn’t want to kill the mans vibe and ask for it back. But how the hell does Putin not realize it was just being shown to him, instead presented as a gift. Would be very strange for Kraft to just randomly give away  one of his most prized possesions on a business trip. Kraft needs that ring now more than ever to fill up his entire hand.

*Apparently now the ring sits in Russias,  Kremlen Library, alongside other foreign gifts, like teapots, travel mugs and keychains.


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