The NBA D-League Is Now The NBA G-League

Adam Silver’s plan for the NBA is apparently to squeeze every ounce of advertisers as he can. Will it backfire? Absolutely, at some point we’re going to be selling team names to companies like it’s the Filipino basketball association.

Just another thought, I think Gatorade’s on the way out. For a minute, it felt bullet proof. Like the coca-cola of sports drinks. But no more. Even though they’re the ones sponsoring the new D-League (thus the G-League), feels like they’re on their heels and trying to make a push back into the game. But people are drinking more water nowadays. Powerade’s been dead for half a decade. Gatorade started adding 12 cups of sugar to each bottle. They did all that stuff with the pre, during, post workout stuff. Like the gel and the gummies, and whatever. Just doing too much.


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