Best Time Of The Season, Meaningless Trade Season!!

Ooooh yeah baby, nothing quite like refreshing that Woj timeline every 30 seconds until the deadline expecting something big, but getting stuck with a Denver-Portland trade. Nothing big will happen this trade deadline. Nothing. We’ll have the usual suspects in 12 million rumors (Boogie, Jahlil, and Kevin Love), but we’ll end up with the usual salary dumps (Dunleavy and Hinrich if either of them are still on teams). And of course, the usual suspects tweeting fake rumors (@xortiz4x and Frank Isola). I’m battling on what’s a better time for ridiculous rumor Twitter, free agency or trade deadline. In my opinion, it’s got to be free agency rumor twitter, where you’ve got 16 year olds tweeting that they saw so and so at this airport, and that so and so said they’ll be joining that team. But hey, prime rib and lobster are both good.


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