KD Wanted To Spend 40k At An OKC Steakhouse Post Game; They Said No Thanks



I underestimated the OKC fans. Everyone knows their arena’s electric. But I always thought it was an Oregon type thing, where they’re all just wearing the same cool shirt so you get mesmerized into thinking they’re a big deal.

But this is next level type stuff. This is turning down like a $10,000 tip for the waitress or waiter. Like that’s their kids college fund the owner’s turning away. Deep deep rooted hatred. Tonight’s game is the biggest moment in Oklahoma since November 16, 1907. So important that businesses are turning away tens of thousands of dollars. This is going to be the greatest game ever. Westbrook’s going to punch Draymond in the cahones. Steven Adams and Pachulia will fight. Let’s go let’s go let’s go.

Btw, I don’t know how reliable of a source Steve Levy is. How does he get this news but Marc Stein or Woj don’t? Whatever, it’s true. It’s on Twitter, so it’s automatically true.


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