Is This “Instant Translator” The Greatest Invention Ever, Or a Giant Scam? Let’s Investigate

We can get this out of the way right off the bat: the government’s listening to you through this. If you don’t think so, you’re clueless.

But back to the discussion, is it the best invention ever? Gotta be the up there if it works. Because then there’s basically never a language barrier ever again. We can get rid of foreign language classes in high schools and colleges. You could travel the world without a bit of fear.

I’ll be the curmudgeon (can you believe the computer actually spellchecked that). Not a slinging chance in hell this thing will understand me, or like 99% of the voices talking into it. Did you hear how that girl talked? She sounded like Siri. Let me talk into that thing like a normal human being and it’ll turn “where’s karaoeke” into “where are the kangaroos”. Just going to cause more confusion in the long run. Plus it doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Einstein proved that if something doesn’t have a wikipedia page, it’s invalid.



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