Draymond Green To OKC Fans: “Slave Days Are Over”

Via Complex:

Like I just said, calling guys the p-word. My mom didn’t raise that. Calling a guy, ‘get over there little boy,’ like nah, this ain’t the ancient times. Slave days are over. You’re not going to talk to guys like that, that’s disrespectful.

Connecting the dots, Complex said it was likely this fan that Chris Mannix tweeted about:

Guy was all over ESPN Sunday, saying stuff like “KD has his headphones on like a COWARD”. Dude. Let’s relax. Hating Kevin Durant, booing him, blah blah blah, that’s great. But let’s take a step back. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Draymond Green, but the guy went too far. Scream at KD the whole game, yell coward at him, fine. He deserves the booing and stuff, which he knows and I’m sure accepts. Except this guy’s infamous for going too far:

I get that this team means everything to Oklahoma City. That it’s much more hurt than hate towards KD. So if you’re like a 12 year old kid and you’re crying about KD leaving, I’m on board. But you’re a grown man that’s spent the last 8 months hating a guy? Not hating the player, but hating the human being? Gotta find a hobby of some sort. Collect stamps or tip cows, whatever they do down there. He’s the kind of guy that’s yelling at 17 year olds when they don’t commit to Oklahoma.


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