A Few Tips For This 5’6″ Eighth Grader Trying To Cover Zion Williamson

Been there, done that. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: when you’re the little guy, you can’t back down from a challenge. Ever. Have to go into it with nothing at all to lose. You can tell this kid’s not afraid of the challenge because 1. the clapping before Zion posts him up and 2. Joe Dirt haircut.

A few tips for the kid going up against man/beast Zion Williamson. Right once that ball gets in the post, you discretely bury a punch right into his kidney. After that, you’ve got a couple options. You stand your ground, so that even when he scores you can talk shit. Or you take the charge right away. First time he ducks that shoulder, you’re hitting the hardwood. And then you get up and talk shit. Or lastly, you pull the chair on him. He’ll try to overpower you with that shoulder, and he’s expecting the contact. Just get out of the way, and let him fall. And then you talk shit to him.



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