If You’re Carrying Off A Cheerleader Who Just Took A Hard Fall, You CAN’T Be Running

What in the WORLD is this jamoque (spellcheck) doing? Running her off the court isn’t going to heal her concussion any quicker, and it actually resulted in giving her a second concussion. That’s 100% on you bud, you owe her like $100 of something (candles maybe, women love candles).Did I laugh the first time I watched it? Yes. And the third, and the fourth, and the 100th time. But that’s only because I’m pretty sure the girl’s okay, so we’re in the clear.

Being the cheerleader that’s getting thrown up in the air and whatnot is one of the more underrated difficult thing in sports. I don’t know if there’s 4 people in the world who I’d trust enough to consistently catch me. You’re falling like a boulder and you’ve got to trust a bunch of people you probably just met within the last couple of years to keep you from landing on your head and dying? Nuh uh. It’s also a long-snapper type situation, where nobody notices you until you mess up. Yes, it’s hard, but every game from like high school on up has cheerleaders flipping. All that pressure to not mess up, plus the trust you have to have? No thank you, I’ll pass on being a cheerleader (“Paul nobody wants to see you as a cheerleader” ok  fact sure fine).


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