Only Thing To Do After Announcing A Half Court Buzzer Beater Is Ask The Lord For Forgiveness

Any announcer over the age of 45, and calling games that aren’t D-1, are in it for the love of the game, and give you the best calls. They’re not getting paid for this. Hell, they probably just started doing it because the AD came to them at Church and asked if they could lend a helping hand. That’s that Southern hospitality that you’ve got to love. Not knowing whether to thank the Lord or talk about chickens, so just mixing both of those things together is phenomenal. Everything coming back to either God or some sort of fried food object is why I love love love Southern people. (but not the south, too close to the puppy spider)

Now where does that rank among all-time great buzzer beater calls? Well at the best, second, to a call by a couple of our staff members 4 years ago:


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