Jordan Spieth Not Having It With The Fans At Pebble Beach

Reports came out yesterday during Jordan Spieth’s practice round at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am that several fans caused the normally calm Spieth to lose his cool.

According to the Associated Press and ESPN, Spieth engaged in a verbal altercation with a group of men as he finished his practice round on Wednesday.  The altercation stemmed from the men heckling Spieth for autographs which the young golfing star did not want to give.  Spieth stated he has signed autographs to older men who have then gone on to try and profit from his name.  It also did not help that the men were using obscenities while younger children were around trying to get their own autographs from Spieth.

Spieth said, “It’s not really worth me spending time arguing, but I’m just not really appreciative of people who travel to benefit off of other people’s success.”

I totally understand where Spieth is coming from not wanting to always sign autographs.  I can also see how it is frustrating to get heckled and have older men be cursing at you, especially when younger children are around.  Jordan is a down to earth kid who adores younger fans and wants to grow the game of golf.  When you have these old men at tournaments cussing and making a scene it could deter families from bringing their kids to PGA Tour events.

It is also very understandable that Spieth can be frustrated from seeing people trying to sign his autographs and memorabilia online.  But Spieth can not control what people do with stuff he signs and gives away.  That is up to the fan, and Spieth has the choice to either keep signing autographs for fans or he can decided not to.  The sharpie is in his hands.

The Associated Press and ESPN contributed to this report.  

Video courtesy Will Martin Youtube.  


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