An Entire Timeline Of The Knicks Vs. Charles Oakley From Last Night





Has got to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Knicks are one of those Super Volcanoes that scientists say are “due” to explode at some point. And they just need to explode. Completely. Everyone, from Melo to Dolan to Phil to former players have to say everything they’ve been holding back for the last half decade. Get all of it out though, unfilitered and to the max. All the passive-aggressiveness doesn’t solve the issues when you’ve got that many strong personalities involved. Turn it into a money making opportunity, do a “roast of Carmelo-Phil-James Dolan” night and invite all of Knicks staff and former players. Start out with some funny jokes, and then let it get to some hurtful levels where everyone’s laughing on the inside but crying on the inside. TNT would love nothing more than to host it. Seems like the healthiest option.


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