Tom Brady’s The Greatest Football Player Ever, Not Even A Conversation

How does he not retire right now on the spot?

5 Super Bowls. 12 Pro Bowls. 2 MVPs. The greatest comeback in the history of football. Not just the Super Bowl, but in football history.

It’s not a knee jerk reaction. It’s not recency bias. It’s not getting caught up in the moment. Tom Brady’s the greatest football player ever. Not the most talented, he doesn’t touch Barry Sanders or Walter Payton in that respect. But the all-around best? The guy you’d want on your roster if you could have any one in the history of the league? Not even a question any more.

This guy, the ultimate “never give up on your dreams guy”, just gave a middle finger to those 198 players picked before him, those 31 teams that wouldn’t take a chance on him, to Roger Goodell, and to the whole world. For every ugly unathletic guy ever, remember that Tom Brady went from looking like this, to having a super model girlfriend and the title of greatest football player of all time:

tom brady draft combine.jpg


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