@POTUS Stopped Watching The Super Bowl After The Patriots Went Down 28-3

If you thought the game was over when the Pats were down 25, you’re a bum. Not that you had to see the comeback happening, but how could anyone think Brady and Belichick were going to roll over?

And yes, it’s un-American to not watch the whole Super Bowl. Now, one good excuse is if you’re the President because there’s always some sort of work you can be doing. But I have my doubts he was actually doing any work at 8 p.m. on a Sunday night. Considering that he tweeted earlier in the night that making America great again was going to take a short break during the Super Bowl:

What you ESPECIALLY cannot do is then act at the end of the game like you were watching. Own that shit. Say you had a country to run instead of trying to convince people you were watching:

You know this will turn into a thing. Poor Sean Spicer will have to march out there in front of the press and announce that not only did Mr. Trump watch the whole Super Bowl, but that he called the comeback. That in fact he Skyped into the Patriots locker room at half time and gave the greatest speech of all time. This also officially marks the start of players saying they won’t be visiting the White House. I’ll bet anyone any sum of money that Martellus Bennett won’t attend their trip to the White House. Guaranteed.


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