Lane Kiffin Already Checking Out The Local Talent At FAU

41 on the outside, but 19 on the inside.

Shooters shoot.

Lane Cuffin Season. (that was a bad one admittedly)

I battled between those two for an opening line, so pick whichever you like more and read it again. Would bet unspeakable sums of money that Lane’s one of the smoothest talkers in the game. You have to be if you’re going to be a good recruiter. Also, you have to be if you’re wearing an undershirt and trucker hat out. Guy is not even trying to look nice. Honestly looks like hell. Which is scary for anybody competing with him for the favor of these young ladies. That oozes confidence. It says “I’m ugly, but wait til you hear my verbiage”. We’re only like 3 weeks into the Lane Kiffin tenure at FAU, and he’s already at the club. Finally out of the clutches of Nick No Fun Saban.


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