5 Super Bowl Prop Bets You Should Have Money On

Only a couple hours left until the Patriots start their murder of the Falcons. So on the biggest betting day of the year, here are some prop bets you HAVE to take:

5. Will Lady Gaga Mention President Trump During Halftime? (+110)

Easiest money ever if it could include references to him that don’t include his name. Her halftime show will obviously have a political message, one of inclusion. So with the recent immigration bans that are pretty non-inclusive, Gaga’s going to have something to say. (If she doesn’t bring out Migos she’s dead to me. Just thought that should be added)

4. Gatorade shower color: no liquid dumped (+1000)

Don’t take this if you’re an idiot and are picking the Falcons. Because they’re definitely going red, which feels like the go-to dumping color. But the Pats? 5th Super Bowl? Belichick doesn’t like getting wet. Factual statement that I can’t back up with facts. He’ll act like he’s been there before, as will the rest of the team. (BTW he stayed dry in 2015 after they won).

3. Legarrette Blount Rush Yards (-1.5) vs. Celtics 1st Half

The cross sports are obviously the toughest, but this one seems too good to be true. Celtics are playing the Clippers today, and MAX they’re getting 65 points in the first half. And while I’m expecting the Patriots to pass the hell out of the ball, Legarrette’s going to get his, to the tune of 85 rushing yards at least. Seems too good to be true, but take it and get your money.

2. Luke Bryan National Anthem (Seconds, Under 127.5)

Verrrrry popular pick, almost to the point that you don’t want to touch it since everyone’s going for theirs on the same line. The longer anthems though usually come from insane vocalists. If it were Adele out there, the over’s the bet. But Luke Bryan? Nope, he’s going to stick to the lyrics, not hold a high note for 35 seconds.

1. Rob Ninkovich MVP (+1200)

This is the one. The one where you get rich. If the Pats win, and score more than 30 points, then Brady will get it, fine. But it wouldn’t take a superhuman effort for Ninkovich to get the MVP. A couple sacks and a well timed fumble/interception return for a touchdown and it’s his. If the MVP goes to someone on the Pats, it has to go to Brady. But if the Pats defense gets them a win, it’s wiiiiiiide open.



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