BREAKING: It’s Cool To Be A Short Guy In The NBA Now

As an AVERAGE HEIGHT (aka short) male, I’m beyond pumped that it’s cool again to be a short guy in the NBA. In only certain instances in the past 3 decades (Earl Boykins) have we seen the number of little little guys taking over the league.

And by “the number”, I mean 2. We’ve got two little guys now in the league, and it’s awesome. Isaiah Thomas is a bonafide superstar, anybody who still denies that’s an idiot. By the pure grace of God, we got sent another one, and his coming out party was last night:

Yogi Ferrell was in college no less than 13 years. So his poise shouldn’t be a surprise. My man just got off his 10 day contract, and got a whole ass NBA contract. And, of course, he’s a little guy. 6′ on the program. Which is a lie. 6′ tall in 5 inch heels.

Maybe it’s because the guys are the same height as me, but I’ve always felt more of a connection to the shorter NBA players. I respect them more, I aspire to be them more (the NBA dream’s not dead yet, don’t tell me that), and I overall just enjoy watching them more.

But there’s a bigger reason for that, and a bigger reason that overall the little guys are more likable. That’s because none of us are ever going to be as big as Lebron, as tall as KD, or be able to jump like Lavine. However, there’s that feeling that we could go to the gym 8 hours a day to put up shots, and eventually we could be Yogi Ferrell and Isaiah Thomas. We’re probably never going to be, but it’s a level that we at least feel like we can reach. It’s like when the little guys in the NBA are winning in life, I’m winning in life. More short guys are coming to the NBA, and I. Can’t. Wait.


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