2017 Feels Like It’s Going To Be A Big Year For Bar Soap

Honesty’s important to me. As it should be to each and every person reading this.

So honestly, this won’t be a very substantive blog. Not a lot of facts or stats to throw out. Just a hunch. An inkling. A leap of, dare I say, faith.

I’ve never felt a strong relationship with body wash. Almost like I was forced and brainwashed into liking body wash. Even when my heart wasn’t in it. My true love though has always been bar soap. There’s something so tangible about the cleaning process with bar soap that you don’t get with body wash. A sort of one on one, intimate connection. And that’s something that 2017 will bring back. (Ready for a bad analogy/ take/ comparison? Here we go!) Didn’t the 2016 election teach us that people are done being forgotten? That they want someone to touch them? (no wait wait wait pause no I didn’t mean it trying to delete I’m so sorry fml) I mean, to reach out to them? Make that connection? You don’t get that with body wash.

Here’s some guys in Palestine making soap so you can take a break from reading:

Let me make a few more connections. Big year for “bars”. Lots of people who took the BAR(aka lawyers) are getting action due to our President’s executive orders that’s BARring people from entering our country. BARstool Sports has gotten big. Starbucks said they’re hiring 10,000 refugees to be BARistas. BARack’s presidency just ended. Lots of bars doing things, so bar soap’s just a natural progression.

I promised you at the start this wasn’t going to be very substantive, but nonetheless I stand by everything said. I’ve already got my bar soap stocked up for the semester, do you?


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