Pat McAfee Retires

I don’t think anyone saw this coming, but Pat McAfee, the Colts punter, retired from the NFL last night on Comedy Central at the age of twenty-nine.  Pat, a two-time Pro Bowler, was the most exciting player to watch on the Colts, which may be weird to some people because he was a punter, however, the man knew how to entertain a crowd.  McAfee will be entertaining an even bigger crowd now:  the viewers and listeners of Barstool Sports, which is a growing entertainment group of sports bloggers who love to have a good time.

McAfee was born to make people laugh, he already had his own stand up comedy show, which consisted of him traveling to different cities in Indiana.  Pardon My Take (which is a podcast that is part of Barstool Sports) also had Pat on a few times in the last year and he honestly put me in tears in a few times from laughing so hard, whether he was talking about Roger Goodell or when he “allegedly” went swimming in the Broad Ripple canal six years ago.

Pat is going to draw in so many listeners, especially since he will be getting his own studio in the city of Indianapolis.  I will definitely have to visit in the near future. I may not be a Colts fan, but I was lucky enough to watch Pat “kicks some balls” (as he would say) live this season.

Last night the comedic world gained a genius and sadly, the NFL lost a legend, but Indiana will always have their favorite person; number one on the field, in their hearts, and now in the studio.

Thank you Pat.





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