My Biggest Fear’s That Zion Williamson’s The Next Cliff Alexander

247Sports gives him a composite score of 0.997, which is damn near perfect. ESPN has him 2nd in the class of 2018 behind only Marvin Bagley. He’s averaging 36 points and 13 boards per game this season. And of course, he can probably touch the top of the backboard with his feet.

But I’m afraid. Very very afraid. Of a guy who relies so heavily on his athleticism and strength at the high school level, and whose mixtapes rarely showcase strong dribbling or anything other than dunking. Maybe it’s because dunks get the most views, or that a video can only be so long, but I need one mixtape from whoever that’s purely ball handling and jumpshots. Even when there’s jumpers in his videos, they look painfully uncomfortable. As for ball handling? It just leaves a lot to be desired.

Some of you have probably forgotten by now about Cliff Alexander. But he was similar in high school. Big guy that could body everybody and everything. Post moves? Nah, he was just running through guys. He used to DOMINATE Jahlil Okafor. Then he got to college, and fell off the face of the Earth because every night there were guys bigger and more athletic.

Zion’s a special talent. He’ll be at Kentucky or North Carolina in a couple years, undoubtedly. But you know how they say you should never meet your heroes, because you find out something about them you don’t want to know? I don’t want to see Zion brick jumpers in college, because it ruins all the dunks.


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