Michigan State Recruit Can’t Sign Today…Because He’s In Jail

Via Orlando Sentinel:

Bishop Moore defensive end Donovan Winter, who was supposed to sign with Michigan State on Wednesday, is still in the Seminole County jail after being arrested Monday night and charged with burglary and larceny of a firearm.

Winter, 18, was being held on $2,000 bond and also awaiting a GPS device to be placed on him prior to his release, according to jail records.

I can’t try to understand why the guy might need a gun or the circumstances he’s in. It’s Florida, so if I had to guess, there’s probably alligators crawling around he’s got to keep an eye out for. Or some sort of puppy sized spider. Anything south of St. Louis you’ve got to keep your eyes out for stuff like that.

Pun intended, it feels like he’s dodging a bullet. I don’t think these kids from Florida, Texas, and Cali truly understand how cold the Midwest gets. It’s one thing being from Illinois and moving to Michigan or whatever. That’s doable, it’s in your blood. And your skin. And your heart. But going from sunny Florida to Michigan? It’s hard to explain just how cold -25 is if you’ve never lived through it. Haven’t figured out yet if MSU’s still taking him. But if they don’t, maybe not the worst day.


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